Meditation and Journal Kit

Meditation and Journal Kit

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Just not quite sure how to meditate? How to relax and settle your mind from chatter? This kit will help you to understand and how to achieve peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating meditation.

Included is “Lead Us To A Place” Meditation Kit and Journal, to accompany the book, for a real sensory experience!

This kit includes:

* 7 Healing gemstones, associated with the book for meditation, healing and crystal work
* 20 Sacred incense cones and burner to set your mood and intention
* 3 – 0.5 ounce Angel’s Mist essential oils found in the book for creating your own “scent therapy” sessions
* Meditation Journal booklet to write in. create memories with and journal about your life experiences as they happen
* Organza storage bag to keep all your healing tools in