Aura Crystal Gift Set
Aura Crystal Gift Set

Aura Crystal Gift Set

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The Aura Crystal Gift Set is a beautifully packaged set of crystals for any crystal lover, crystal healer or meditation practitioner.

This kit includes 10 large healing stones coordinating to the seven energy layers of the aura system and three additional stones for outer aura layer work,  as well as 1 selenite wand, a rainbow aura bracelet and a lovely 30mm Rose Quartz Heart to complete this total aura balancing system.  All come smudged (blessed), in a wonderful red gift box, with complete instructions, aura-color therapy cleansing tips, and healing information on each layer of the aura from touch to meditation, breathing to toning and much more.

This kit also contains a sampler of Aura Lux perfume and organza storage bag.